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Head massage in Chennai

Head Massage

Your body requires periodical care otherwise it would easily begin to age with dual intensity. Head is the core of all mechanism and It is very essential to take care of one’s head. So, Head massages can be the most excellent method to make the head relaxed. Hair fall problem, stress, other severe infirmities can be rectified with precise and directed head massages.

The best-supervised head massages can benefit by increasing nourishment and oxygen to the scalp and grants them reach from hair follicle to root tips which in turn incites hair growth. Not simply dense hair but can further be benefitted from special Indian Head Massage that stimulates and promotes lymphatic drainage. This, in turn, supports the blood to flow with amplified intensity to the neck and eliminates wastes from the body.

  • Relaxing

  • Energising

  • Stem

  • Head Neck & Shoulder

  • Serives

    60 mins / 90 mins
  • Back Massage